The best up-and-coming companies in the adult industry

Since the beginning of civilization people have realized that sex sells. All you have to do is look at mainstream movies, TV and other sectors to realize this. All of them have been using racy ads or risque situations to bring attention to their cause. Using sexual innuendo and erotic images to promote or sell a product works very well. That entire context may be why pornography is so popular and lucrative today. As it stands now, there are more adult sites on the web than ever before. Adult related content makes up more than one-third of the material found online.


For these and other reasons, the adult entertainment sector is one of the most lucrative. Pornography makes more money than many contemporary companies combined. All this explains why so much cash is being invested in the smut world. Coincidentally, there already are several companies in the porn world which are raking in the bucks. These businesses are making tons of money and are well-known. However, there are also new ones which are up and coming. Some consider them to be the next big thing in the adult world.

TNAFlix – A great way to think of this site is as if it was the Netflix of porn. That’s because TNAFlix has infinite smut videos covering a wide spectrum of topics. Some may confuse the site and think that it is a mainstream movie site due to its name. It is all about pornography and sexually related topics. Visitors will enjoy the site’s fantastic and straightforward interface. Plus, the movies play right away and in a tremendous player.

3Movs – While the name of this site may not sound it, it is all about porno. Hundreds of titillating and erotic still images can be found upon entrance. Each of them is a link to a hot, raunchy and wild sex video. Right under the tabs, there are daily free porn movies links featuring the best porn stars. As you scroll down, you also have a long pornstar list. Under each name, the number of porn videos is displayed. 3Movs has no annoying pop-up adverts to deal with which is excellent.

Vporn – The letter ‘v’ at the beginning of this site’s name stands for videos. That’s precisely what you will find on the Vporn site. Tons of randy, wild and erotic sex videos to enjoy. Clicking on the categories tab allows users to find videos based on several criteria. They can choose video quality, length and of course, the genre that they are looking for.